On fairness of online casinos

It's wrong to assume that all online casinos are scams? A vast majority, like https://www.online7casino.co are not just trustworthy, they also have excellent payouts. You can trust licenced online casinos for sure. Please continue reading.

What are licenced casinos?

Licenced gambling websites follow all the rules and regulations laid down by the governments. These casinos are safe, and ensure that all you receive your payments in time, always. Please continue reading this gambling guide.

  • Some unlicensed gambling websites are also safe.

Receding a gambling licence is not all that easy because operators have to follow so many rules and guidelines. Even a single violation of these rules can result in the cancellation of that casino's gambling licence.

Locating the casinos' licence

Scroll down the casino homepage, and you can see your casino's licencing information clearly. This information includes your casino's licence number, its date of issue, and the casino's registered address. Millions of gamblers trust licenced gambling websites.

If you are unable to locate this information, write to the casino itself or read its online reviews. Ensure that you are always playing on a trusted and safe online casino. Please read this guide further.

About Random Number Generators

Relax, because there is no human intervention in your favourite casino game. Your slot, roulette, etc.is run by a virtual computer called Random Number Generator. This machine is impartial, fair and trustworthy. But who monitors this machines?

  • Never gamble while using public Wi-Fi.

This virtual machine is monitored by a trusted third-party auditor like eCogra. eCogra also monitors thousands of e-commerce websites, and other online portals. Gamblers trust this body because it is impartial. Look out for eCogra's seal of approval.

Read game information

Most online casinos list out their games' information prominently. This data includes, Return to Player percentage, house-edge, volatility, etc. By reading this information, you can select the right game. This proves that casinos are indeed fair.

However, exercise due caution while spinning your slots or lay a bet on your online roulette game. Create a strong password while signing-up with your casino. Never drink while gambling and stay away from sites that promise money.

Online casinos and bonuses

Many online casinos give away bonuses to their new and loyal players. A bonus is virtual money that funds your betting activity. If your casino wasn't fair, it would not be giving this bonus or other rewards.

  • You can play casino games on your cellphone also.

All said and done, please note that every online casino is a commercial organization. Though it is a fair business entity, it would still like to win the game you are playing, but within the rules.

Last modified: 22 July 2021